1. Flashes: Coming This Summer

    1. To Carry A Torch

    2. Wisdom Teeth

    3. Hot Blooded (new)

    4. Ehko

    5. The Withdrawal (new)

    6. Flashes

    7. Skeletons

    8. A Sighting Off Gate 5

    9. From Birth To Death And Back

    10. Guilty

    11. Summerfield (new)

    12. The Evesdropper Swims Into Deep Water

    13. Yuputka (new)

    14. Fool Proof (new)

    15. From The Fleeting


  2. New Music Coming In May

    I’m really excited about this summer. I have between 10-15 songs I’m planning on recording. Expect some ambient mountain folk, with some 1940s ragtime and blues inspiration. :)


  3. Expect a lot announcements soon!



  5. Next Release

    I’m working on a new release. The first song being “Flashes”. The only thing that I really have to show you is a track listing. Whole new feel coming on. Electric-Acoustic-Folk.

    Track Listing

    1. Flashes

    2. Lanterns

    3. Yuputka

    4. Summerfield

    5. Echo

    6. Guilty

    7. Eavesdropper Swims Into Deep Water

    8. Birth Do Death And Back

    9. To Carry A Touch

    10. Hot Blooded

    11. From The Fleeting

    12. Ya’aburnee

    13. Speculum


  6. Flashes (Demo)

    Nicholas SantoVasi

    Free Download


  7. Demo recording for new song i’m recording. First song off this summer’s release. More info coming soon.

    I’ll grab my things and go
    I’ll take the keys but you can keep my clothes
    you kiss me then say leave me alone

    i sing about you a lot
    i guess vermont wasn’t as far as i thought
    you don’t miss me
    you say leave me alone

    and who would have thought
    how i (missed/loved/lost) you so
    and who would have thought
    how you’ve broken my bones
    and since i disgust you
    i’ll leave you to know
    that since i can’t trust you consider me gone

    i think i’ve lost my place
    i left a bookmark
    but i lost the page
    like you don’t miss me
    like i turned into stone
    like you don’t want me
    cause i melt with the snow

    what do you do when all you need has run out
    and what do you do when all your love is falling down
    i bet you never saw this coming
    when it call comes back in flashes X4

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